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  I get a lot of emails like this one:

I've been staying in Thailand for months at time since 2002 and I had been to practically every island in the Krabi area, but somehow I've managed to miss Koh Jum. This year my Danish friends tricked me into going to there.
I was whiny at first, 'no electricity, how good can it be?', but my friends convinced me and I ended up spending almost all of my four month on the sweet, sweet island of Jum.

I've traveled all over the world but I've never loved a place more then I do Koh Jum. It's such a special island and the people I met there will stay in my heart forever.
All my love goes out to the people att Woodland Lodge, the resort I now consider my thai home. Sao, my thai mom, Ray, my farang dad, Phil, Koh Jum's own Sean Connery, Lek, my thai sister and Little Sao, who's always smiling. They are all very dear to me.

I'm sending you some pictures from my paradise. Do what you want with them, I'd be really happy have them end up on your awsome webpage. I have to send you a couple of e-mails though, since hotmail only allows 10 MB...

Love Ylwa

my name is Ylwa S---------- and I'm from Sweden.

I think most people who visits KJum feels like this. Below are the pictures Ylwa took during her holiday On Koh Jum in April/May 2006. Thanks for sharing.