If you travel in Thailand as much as I do (17 two-month trips in the last 22 years) you get to stay in a lot of different bungalow operations. Some are good, some suck, a lot of them are forgettable. When I stumbled into Ting Rai Bay Resort a couple months after they opened for business in October 2003, I figured it was going to be just another resort with a nice beach. Nothing special. I'd seen it all before. 

I was sooo wrong. Great resorts can still be found in SThailand. This is one of them.



I don't know where to start. When you arrive you get a welcoming glass of cold, fresh-squeezed orange juice. They usher you into your hut...and there are flower petals on the pillows. The beds are more comfortable than mine at home. You will sleep good at Ting Rai. The sound of the waves surrounds you.





Blue tablecloth night at TRBR

The owner is simply the best there is. The Thais who work at TRBR rake leaves and laughlaughlaugh all day long. Like every resort on KJum the food is out-of-this-world good, and they will steam vegetables for you if you ask.

But it's the people who work here that make Ting Rai Bay Resort so special:







 Ha-Ruun and Upper Bungalows


Be still, my heart


  The Resort has enlarged 6 of it's 13 bungalows to accommodate families and these tight, well-built bungalows have the best sittin' porches I've ever seen. TRBR is built on a steep hillside so all the huts have an ocean view. It's located in the middle of the jungle in Koh Pu and the closest other resort is Old Lamp Bungalows which is a couple hundred meters to the north. It's 2K south to Ao Si Bungalows. The jungle behind Ting Rai doesn't stop until you reach the other side of the island, about 3.5K Quiet doesn't begin to describe it.  

Ting Rai restaurant





Deluxe oceanfront bungalow




Honeymoon Hut


TsunamiSafe upper bungalows


Being located on a steep hill was a virtue on Tsunami Day and TRBR lost none of it's bungalows to the waves. They did lose their beach bar (since replaced). They lost 4 bamboo chill-out huts down by the beach and 2 of the 3 SeaCanoes got washed away. Like everybody else on Koh Jum their wellcome sign went missing, never to be seen again. They lost their longtail boat. All in all it was not as bad as some of the other resorts.  However, the beach in front was badly damaged by the tsunami. The wonderful coral offshore got ripped out of it's beds and deposited on Ting Rai Beach. The headlands between Ting Rai Beach and North Beach were pulverized by the waves and ancient rock formations were crushed, releasing god-knows how many thousand tons of red soil into the sea. The incredibly clean water at Ting Rai ran muddy for the first month afterwards, but had cleared up nicely when I left two months later. The trees and underbrush got torn to shreds. TRBR has cleaned up the beach in front of the resort and the absentee landowners of the property on either side of TRBR have done a nice job of getting the rocks and coral off the beach.



The Tsunami muddied up the waters for a couple years but the clarity of the water has improved immeasurably. The fish have returned (which is a good thing) and so have the phosphorescent algae which make the waves glow green at night, which is also good. Those little critters only thrive in very clean water.

I could go on and on about what a great place this is, but you get the general idea. I always meet nice farangs and have fun here. Book early, book often.





Beach bar at Sunset


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