Sanne's Story at Season Bungalow






We were on Season when the tsunami came. My husband and 4 kids. We were very lucky to being in live all of us. We staying on nearest one nearby the sea. Hanging in the roof with my husband and son, when the tsunami came sekund time. I was heard in the leg and food. The acillescene and nerves was cutting over. Phensiri at Season save my daghter and my to sons.

After a guy help us to sit on his jeep driving to the jungle on a hill side. A lot of thanks to him. A lot of thanks to the lokal peopel who gave us clothes,water,food and so on.

A helicopter bring os to the hospital in Krabi, where I was operate in the evening. I was nr.2407 patient this evening. We were so lucky and pleased that we all are here.

I have seen the pictures and I getting very sad and I hope the peopel still going on. We hope to getting back to Season next year. 

Lot of loves and thanks

Emma,Elias,Eskild,Gustav, Martin and Sanne from Denmark