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  29 May 2006  
  I get a lot of emails like this one:

I've been staying in Thailand for months at time since 2002 and I had been to practically every island in the Krabi area, but somehow I've managed to miss Koh Jum. This year my Danish friends tricked me into going to there.
I was whiny at first, 'no electricity, how good can it be?', but my friends convinced me and I ended up spending almost all of my four month on the sweet, sweet island of Jum.

I've traveled all over the world but I've never loved a place more then I do Koh Jum. It's such a special island and the people I met there will stay in my heart forever.
All my love goes out to the people att Woodland Lodge, the resort I now consider my thai home. Sao, my thai mom, Ray, my farang dad, Phil, Koh Jum's own Sean Connery, Lek, my thai sister and Little Sao, who's always smiling. They are all very dear to me.

I'm sending you some pictures from my paradise. Do what you want with them, I'd be really happy have them end up on your awsome webpage. I have to send you a couple of e-mails though, since hotmail only allows 10 MB...

Love Ylwa

my name is Ylwa S---------- and I'm from Sweden.

I think most people who visit KJum feel like this. I have created a Gallery for the remaining 30 of Ylwa's pictures she sent me.Thanks for sharing, Ylwa.

  28 May 2006  
  Lovely ladies enjoying the beach at Season Bungalows.  

  27 May 2006  
  Ao Si Beach at SunSmile Bungalows.  

  26 May 2006  
  Wish I were in this hammock right now...  

  25 May 2006  
  Magic Beach, Koh Pu.  

  24 May 2006  
  Tsunamied longtail, Ting Rai Bay. Ouch...  

  23 May 2006  
  Monks. Not Koh Jum monks, but a cool picture nonetheless.  

  22 May 2006  
  Yum yum! Phat Thai Ting Rai.  

  21 May 2006  
  Sawatdee! from the main pier in Baan Koh Jum.  


Click for larger.

  20 May 2006  
  Ok then...I've had to actually work in my Real Job for a couple days and haven't had time for picture posting. I get a couple days off because some weather-related issues make it too wet to paint. YAY!

Work sucks....

I'd rather be laying on the beach, even a rocky one:



Click for larger.

  17 May 2006  
  The tsunamied RS Internet on the road just outside of Baan Ting Rai.  

  Could this little shack become the new home of KohJumOnline.com in 2006? Stay tuned...  
  16 May 2006  
  Sunset from the bar at Ting Rai Bay Resort.  

  15 May 2006  
  Billee Bar, down on North Beach. A very relaxing place.  


Via Heather.

  14 May 2006  
  After years of just passing by Koh Jum on his way to KLanta, last month fellow traveler "tezza" did what he should have done long ago by "jumping into one of the long tails and checking things out" on Koh Jum. No surprise...he had a great time:  
  A tout on the ferry showed me some photos of SEASON BUNGALOW (see link below) and said they had some 300baht bungalows, so I piled into their long tail when the ferry arrived off Golden Pearl Beach. Golden Pearl is the northern part of the 4km+ long southern beach, the rest being called Andaman Beach. Okay, Seasonís 300 bungalows with attached bathroom were neat enough, although up the back next to the (not very busy) road and a fair walk to the restaurant. But they showed me one of the pastel painted concrete and tile 400 baht jobs, much bigger, much nicer, so I went for that. Wow, what a nice place! - tinted sliding doors, towels and comp water supplied, linen changed daily, window and door insect screens. No mirror in the bathroom though - a big one in a vanity in bungalow itself. I noticed this bungalow was 700 on the web-page. It really looked like 700 worth.
The big open plan restaurant up near the beach was breezy and had a great outlook towards Phi Phi. I thought the food pretty nice, prices towards the lower end of my bungalow stays, and the staff were super polite, friendly and efficient. The grounds are a sort of cleared coconut plantation but looked like a work in progress - I was not aware this place was really knocked around by the tsunami. Click on ďtsunamiĒ on Seasonís web page to see how damaging this was. Hey, those bungalows are really solid construction.
  Yeah Season Bungalows kinda has the reputation for good food and for the friendliness of the people who work there. Tezza's revelations come as no shock to me, but it wasn't all palm trees and Singha Beer for The Tez:  
  Heading back down the island I checked out the area known as Ting Rai beach which is actually a series of smaller beaches in the lee of Mount Pu. Some of the hills on this road were a fair bit steeper and with my bikeís moonshot gearing I had to get off and push several times. Pretty hot work, so I had a great swim and some sun at gorgeous deserted Magic Beach which you can check on that website.
Unfortunately I canít tell you anything about the 3 resorts along here, because heading down the super steep rutted and rocky access road to the first, I locked up the brakes, slid into a transverse rut and did a two and a half forward somersault with tuck (the bike was tucked between my legs - instant falsetto baby). Subsequently I got the sulks, and 23 Band-Aids later, headed directly back to Season for a Chang of five in one of the beachfront hammocks.
  Oh dear. Another farang bites the dust on the path/road to Ting Rai Bay:  
But he still managed to have great time and even lived to tell the tale. Tezza does a whole lot of traveling and he writes about his experiences over on Tales of Asia.com and also Lonely Planet's Thorn Tree Forum. Go check his writing out. He's a funny guy with a good eye for the absurd, but he never travels with a camera. Big. Mistake.  =)

  13 May 2006  

Yeah. Pretty good, Rolf.


Every once in a while a set of pictures comes across my desk that simply takes my breath away (which is no mean feat, btw) with just how good they are. This image (along with a couple hundred more) was sent to me on a CD by Rolf, who was my next door neighbor for a couple weeks at Ting Rai Bay in March 2006. These are just about the best I've seen of Koh Jum, from anyone.  Makes me want to toss my little Olympus into Ting Rai bay and chuck this whole picture taking thing.

In lieu of doing something so stupid and pointless I've just created a handful of galleries to share them with everybody so you all can enjoy these superb images. Rolf also has a Flickr site where he posts his non-Koh Jum pictures, so cruise over there and see what a real photographer can do. Right now there are two full galleries up and I'll work over the weekend to get the remainder up on the site.

Thanks, Rolf. I greatly appreciate your sharing your views of Koh Jum with us.

  12 May 2006  
  A nice young lady (whose name I do not know) has been traveling around the world with her husband for the past 6 months, and she sent me a few pictures of their time on Koh Jum. This is her getting ready for a swim (and at low tide that's going to be a pretty rocky swim at that) on Andaman Beach. Picture looking North towards Koh Pu:  

  "I and T" have a website for those wishing to see where else they've been. I've also incorporated several of the images they took of Koh Jum within KJO.com. Thanks to them for that and choke dee on the rest of their extended holiday.  
  11 May 2006  
  Here's a couple of local Baan Ting Rai women picking the mussels off the rocks on Golden Pearl Beach:  

  10 May 2006  
  Ao Si Beach, looking South towards Koh Lanta from the top of the hill behind Ao Si Bungalows:  

  9 May 2006  

Ooooo pretty flowers are all over the place on Koh Jum.


  8 May 2006  
  A sad note to report. A good friend of Koh Jum passed away a while back and I've been asked to pay respect to his memory, which I am honored to do. His name was Captain "Big Wave" Oy and everybody on Koh Jum who knew him called him a friend. Here's a small collection of pictures of Big Wave on his boat and with his family. He will be missed. Click for larger.  

  7 May 2006  
  Helen and the gang leaving on the Boat of Tears. From March, 2004  


Click for larger.

  6 May 2006  
  Oh you go, Kn. Mango.  

5 May 2006
There was a nice write-up about Koh Jum in the Chiang Mai News a couple of days ago:
  Imagine, or recall those glorious days of backpacking in Thailandís newly discovered islands. Listen to the tall palms, gently swaying over thatched roofs on secluded beaches. Taste the seafood, fresh out of the net, prepared over hot coals and served by candlelight. Experience the simplicity of living without electricity; the tranquility that accompanies the absence of paved roads. Warm up to the locals without feeling like a tourist. It sounds wonderful, but can we add a king-size bed, a sparkling Western style bathroom, easy access from an international airport and maybe a little kir with white wine?

Itís all possible on the island of Koh Jum.

That's all well and good, but they go into some of the possible problems looming in the not too distant future, developement-wise:
  What does tomorrow look like for Koh Jum? Local rumours say power will run to the island within two to three years and the government has started aerial inspections to plan a paved ring road. Thereís promise of an eco-friendly housing estate on Golden Pearl Beach. So far, no high density resorts are in the works. With growth inevitable, letís hope that Koh Jumís tourism grows with grace and respect for the local people and its rich natural environment.  
A ring road? Maybe someone will propose an autobahn. Good-bye paradise, hello Koh Lanta Jr. Let's hope it turns out better than that, altho KLanta is a still a very beautiful place...despite the all-night-bars.

Click for larger.


4 May 2006
Don't try this at home...


Thanks for the laugh, Sara.


3 May 2006
Ting Rai Bay Resort alumni Rolf has a series of Thai boxing pictures he took while visiting Koh Jum this past winter. Here's a sample:

Slip on over to his website and gaze upon the rest of this remarkable set of images. Well done, TheGolfer.

2 May 2006
Just chillin' on the beach at sunset.


1 May 2006
Happy May Day!!!



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