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31 March 2006

I know this picture of the monkey holding the traffic lights is not Koh Jum related and is, in fact, located just up from Vogue Dept. Store in KrabiTown but it's kitsch value cannot be underestimated. Oh and btw...that's not a monkey but The Amazing Ancient Man and his story can be found here.



30 March 2006

Just another beautiful sunset over Koh Phi Phi.



29 March 2006

The vivacious and funny Michele (Australia) leaving Koh Pu on the Boat of Tears.



28 March 2006

The excitement of Koh Jum has obviously caught up with this young lady. Life is pretty good when you can put on the strings and fall fast asleep in the leaves on Andaman Beach.



27 March 2006

Thanks to Jan for sending me this picture of Woodland Lodge owner Sao, and her little dog too:



26 March 2006

Have you ever wondered what a gecko egg looks like? Here's one I found in my hut on Koh Pu, with a one baht coin for perspective:



25 March 2006

The tide is high on beautiful Golden Pearl Beach:



24 March 2006

A nice American couple, chillin' on the bar:



23 March 2006

Ko Pu rocks. Literally and figuratively:



22 March 2006
                  A young lady enjoying the beach at Ting Rai Bay:


16 March 2006

A Seeker, spotted at Ting Rai Bay:

15 March 2006

Haaruun, from Ting Rai Bay Resort, looking handsome:





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