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  30 June 2006  
  Lets eat!!  

  29 June 2006  
  Launching a home-made hot air balloon on Andaman Beach.  

  28 June 2006  
  You'll always find a couple of very friendly Thai smiles at New Bungalows.  

  27 June 2006  
  Nadia (Switzerland) at Ting Rai Bay Resort.  

  26 June 2006  
  Longtail boat at Koh Jum.  

  25 June 2006  
  Too hot to work, just right for napping on the docks at Baan Koh Jum.  

  24 June 2006  
  Latex press, someplace in the jungle around Baan Ting Rai.  

  23 June 2006  
  Leaving paridise. Always a sad time.  

  22 June 2006  
  Tranquility on Koh JUm.  

  21 June 2006  
  Cooking for a Muslim wedding. Via Rolf.  

  20 June 2006  
  Miss Helen, relaxing on her porch at Ting Rai Bay Resort.  

  19 June 2006  
  Magic Beach, Koh Pu. From 2004.  

  18 June 2006  
  Pretty farang on steps, Ting Rai Bay Resort.  

  17 June 2006  
  Fisherman and his boat, Baan Koh Jum.  

  16 June 2006  
  Early morning messy bungalow.  

  15 June 2006  
  Hey boatman!!  

  14 June 2006  
  Me, in typical porch monkey mode, looking relaxed.  

  13 June 2006  
  Nice shirt, Kn. Mango.  

  12 June 2006  
  Good friends, Miikka and Helena (Finland), on the porch of their bungalow. April, 2006.  

  11 June 2006  
  Ho hum. Another beautiful sunset from Ting Rai Bay Beach  

  10 June 2006  
  Upper bungalows at Ting Rai Bay Resort.  

  9 June 2006  
  Joy Bungalows lost 9 or 10 of their beachfront bungalows in The Tsunami. They have all since been rebuilt.  

  8 June 2006  
  The main road thru Golden Pearl Bungalows on the way to Baan Ting Rai.  

  7 June 2006  
  Aussie Cheryl, also just hanging out....  

  6 June 2006  
  Just a little beachtime "activities", eh Sara?  

  5 June 2006  
  My good friend Graham, just hanging out in his natural surroundings.  

  4 June 2006  
  Unknown Japanese couple whom I met on Koh Pu, March 2006. She was a really, really funny woman.  

  3 June 2006  
  I have forgotten this gentleman's name (Dab, maybe) but he's the owner of Fresh House Bar and Bungalows. Nice guy.  

  2 June 2006  
  Yeah. Golden Pearl Beach @ Golden Pearl Bungalows.  


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