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29 April 2006

Buh-bye. See you next year!


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28 April 2006

A nice shot of Koh Jum harbor, from Makut.


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27 April 2006

Ting Rai Bay Beach at it's most pre-tsunami loveliest.


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26 April 2006

Awwwww. Young love


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25 April 2006

Magic Beach, 2004. In all it's black and white glory.


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24 April 2006

Good friends. Nice people. Koh Jum.


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21 April 2006

I don't remember exactly where I found (stole) this picture of Railay, but it's a good one and taken from an angle you don't usually see:


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Thanks to whoever took it. If it's yours email me and I'll give you full credit.


20 April 2006

Those longtails don't just fix themselves, ya know:


Thanks to Makut for the picture.


18 April 2006

I've gotten several emails wondering why I post pictures of other people but don't post any of myself. Ok then, here's one of me soaking up the banyagot in my usual chair on Ting Rai Beach, and for some reason not looking too fat:



This shot was taken by Rolf, who was my next door neighbor at Ting Rai Bay Resort. I use the "Shoot and Pray" Method when I'm out taking pictures. Rolf is much more of a Photographer than I and he's got a website to display his work over on Flickr. You can see all his great work here. He's got the knack.


16 April 2006

Here's a sweet shot of Magic Beach, taken a couple weeks after the tsunami.



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15 April 2006

Here's a nice picture of Billee's sidekick (whose name I have forgotten). Peace to you too, my friend.



14 April 2006

Clowning around in the longtails, waiting waiting waiting for the Golden Queen to show up and take everybody to Krabi.


This picture is from Nadia's 4th Gallery, which I created yesterday. Thanks for the great pix Nam-Nam.


13 April 2006

Sunset, Koh Pu 2005



12 April 2006

I met Carola (Germany) and Family on Andaman Beach. They were nice enough to let me take their picture.



11 April 2006
Miikka and Kati (Finland), whom I met on Koh Jum in February, sent me this sweet panorama shot of the north part of Koh Pu. Thanks guys.

To fully appreciate this picture click for much larger


10 April 2006

While you're visiting don't forget to take a look at Anders' fabulous tsunami pictures that he took from the top of Mt. Pu on Boxing Day, 2004.



9 April 2006

Nice shot of Magic Beach, Koh Pu.



8 April 2006

The lovely Myrto sent me this superb beach/sea/cloud shot she took at Ting Rai Bay in January, 2006. They don't get much better than this one.



Thanks, darlin'. Send me some more, will ya'?  =)


7 April 2006

I swear...the Thais can sleep anywhere!! Here's John snoozing between two chairs at Ting Rai Bay, from February 2004:



This picture makes my back hurt just looking at it...


6 April 2006

Yet another sunset, this time thru the trees at Ting Rai Bay:



5 April 2006

A total of 382 images are up over on my travel site. For the time being it's not 56K friendly.



Except for some minor tweaking, it's complete.


4 April 2006

Well today is KJO.com's very first birthday. I can think of no better way to celebrate than with a cake surrounded by sock monkeys:



We've come a long way. The site has seen upwards of 40,000 visitors, with Anders' tsunami wave pictures getting over 100,000 hits. I'm happy with the way things have turned out and I am certain KJO.com will continue to improve with age. I know it's been fun for me.

Big thanks to everybody who has cruised thru and contributed pictures in order to make this the #1 site for Koh Jum information. Enjoy the cake.


2 April 2006

And here's a happy little fella, just crawling on a hut and hanging out.



1 April 2006

Ao Si Beach looking north to Koh Pu from Golden Pearl Beach.








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