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  2 July 2012  

I think this little home-made blog has run it's course. Still plenty of good pictures to scroll thru but you'll find all the latest and greatest pix and Koh Jum information over on our Facebook page. Come visit, like us, and contribute.

However, there are still 7 lovely blogpages of Koh Jum pictures to scroll thru. Please help yourself.


  5 April 2007  

I have finished KoPu2007 and all 600 pictures are on 15 pages. Enjoy!


  31 March 2007  

The ferryboat schedule from Krabi to KJum to KLanta has been reduced to ONE PER DAY EACH WAY effective 1 April 2007.

KLanta to Krabi: Leave 08:00
Krabi to Lanta: Leave 11:00

Please plan accordingly.


  29 March 2007  
  Huzzah!! The first four six eight ten pages of KoPu2007 are online and available for your viewing pleasure. I'll be working on getting it completed over the next few days, but there are a LOT of pictures to slog thru. Stop back often.  

  26 March 2007  
  Paging Katrina and Teno. Katrina and Teno to the white courtesy phone. Your pictures are ready. Please email me. I have more pictures for you and you have pictures for me. I hope.  

  25 March 2007  
  A lovely couple relaxing on the beach-swing at Ting Rai Bay:  

  20 March 2007  
  OK so I haven't updated the blog for a long, long time. The main reason is that I more or less ran out of pictures of Koh Jum to post. Another reason (or excuse, if you will) is that I went back to work and didn't have the time or the inclination to keep things going. All of which is to say "Sorry" to anyone who was disappointed with my absence, but I just can't imagine where anybody would really care about any of this.

However, I have just returned from 8 weeks on Koh Jum and I have loads and LOADS of new images to add to the site. I will be doing that over the next few weeks as I upgrade and make a few changes to kohjumonline.com. Anything I add to the site will be announced here on the blog, along with the occasional pictures.

Speaking of pictures, I have expanded the Friends of Koh Jum page to three full pages and added a new 2007 edition, where you'll find dozens of new people that I met this past winter. I'll be adding to that over the next few days.

So without further ado, say hello to Torsten and Karin (Germany):



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