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  The landmark FUBAR (a Thai fishing trawler in a former life which was salvaged from the sea and turned into a beach bar years ago) floated off the beach and into the ocean during the Tsunami and hasn't been seen since. It's out in the bay someplace and if you are snorkeling off Golden Pearl Beach and see it, let the GP's owners know. As an homage to the Best Bar on the Island the GP is building a new FUBAR of bamboo and wood in the shape of a boat and will open for your drinking pleasure in time for the 2006-07 season.  
  Have you seen me?   The New FUBAR  

The Pearl sits in the middle of the stretch of beach which was the most heavily hit on KJum by the Tsunami. Next door neighbors Koh Jum Lodge, Seasons Bungalows, and Green Bungalows all suffered heavy damage. Most everybody reckons the waves that hit the island were 4 or 5 meters high (the second wave was the biggest of the 5 or 6 waves that came ashore that day) and rolled in going 200-300 kph, but after seeing the destruction at GP Beach it's not hard to believe that the waves were much, much bigger down there.

The only good news is that nobody was killed. That's also hard to believe.

Online information on contacting and booking at the Golden Pearl is non-existent so you'll probably have to call them for reservations.  It's worth the effort. All bungalow operations in Thailand should be this good.






Classic Pearl


Golden Pearl tsunami pictures


Bungalows from B150 to B2500
Air-con and fan bungalows available
Call or email for pricing and availability


Mama Kee


Telephone - 089 221-1855

Email -

Snail mail- Koh Sri Boya
Nua Klong
Krabi, Thailand 81130

Official website - None