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How do I get to this undiscovered paradise?

The best way to reach Koh Jum is by one of the twice/daily ferryboats from Krabi to Lanta Island which pass KJum and stop in front of the resorts at both Koh Jum and Koh Pu. Longtail boats from the resorts come out to greet The SuperConcorde and take you to your bungalow. The other way is by bus or taxi from Krabi to Laem Kruat and then by taxi-boat over to Baan Koh Jum or Baan Koh Pu. That's the long way during high season but it's the only way to get here during the rainy season as the ferryboats stop running when farangs stop coming late Spring/early Summer.





The ferryboats between Krabi/Koh Jum/Koh Lanta HAVE STARTED RUNNING FOR THE SEASON.

Boats leave from the main Krabi Terminal just outside downtown Krabi.

Lv. KLanta Arr. Ko Jum Arr. Krabi
08.30 09:15 10.30
Lv. Krabi Arr. Ko Jum Arr. KLanta
11:30 12:45 13:30



Contact Mr Not @ 084 850 6108 or Mr Tan @ 089 471 4851

Lv. Koh Jum Arr. PP Island
8:30 11.00
Lv. PP Island Arr. Koh Jum
14:00 16:00



A new ferryboat service between Phuket/Phi Phi Island/Koh Lanta/Koh Lipe/Langkawi has started running. I don't see where they stop at Koh Jum at the present time. You can also access their schedule at their website: TIGERLINE TRAVEL


I've heard that Ko Jum is a very quiet place. Is that true?

Yes. If you want to partypartyparty and get drunk and throw up on the beach (or on a fellow traveler) go down to Koh Lanta, PP Island, or Railay Beach. They got plenty of places there just waiting for you. In fact, I've met a few people who stopped and stayed at Koh Jum on the way to Krabi from Koh Lanta just to recover. Without exception the bars and nightlife-in-general is fairly subdued, and hopefully it will remain that way. You want to disco 'til dawn? Go someplace else.


What's the #1 complaint from travelers to Ko Jum?

That it's a little too quiet. Really, that's the #1 complaint.



Ko Jum and the tsunami

There was a lot of damage at some of the resorts (see Koh Jum Lodge, Season Bungalow). I have pictures of the damage at my KoPu 2005 page.



Koh Jum, Koh Pu. What's the difference?

Well, both places are one in the same. Koh Jum is the southern, flatter part of the island (roughly from the Golden Pearl south) with the little fishing village of Baan Koh Jum on it's southern tip. Koh Pu is the mountainous northern part (from and including the town of Baan Ting Rai) with the village of Baan Koh Pu on the eastern shore. I've seen maps that called the whole island Koh Pu (which means "Crab Island") with no mention of Koh Jum (also "Koh Cham"), and vice versa. Koh is spelled Ko by some people. So in answer to your question: they are the same, but different. Pu/north, Jum/south. Got that? Still lost? We got maps.


Speaking of Koh Pu, what's up with all the rocks?

When Mother Nature was doling out the rocks at The Beginning she gave Koh Pu an extra couple handfuls.  A common first impression of Koh Pu is "Ewww it's kinda ugly at low tide and there is just no way the swimming is good here." But of course that is completely wrong. A couple of the nicest, prettiest little beaches in S. Thailand are on Koh Pu and the sunbathing and swimming is as good as any you'll find at The Big Places. But, the rocks do exist and that's why longtail boats are made out of very thick wood. Please mind your step on Koh Pu. On the other half of the island, Koh Jum has fewer rocks, is flatter, and the swimming is better. Snorkeling anywhere on Koh Jum is magnificent


Sunset, from Ting Rai Beach

Koh Pu ROCKS!!


Can I afford to go to Koh Jum?

Perhaps the better question would be: can you afford not to go. No matter how much or how little you want to spend there is a place you can afford on Koh Jum. Ask not what it costs, ask what it's worth.

What is the fastest land animal?
The cheetah.



Can you give me some idea what it's like there?

There are a few cars and paved roads on Koh Jum but that is changing. Lot more motorbikes now. Getting around the island is by walking or by motorbike taxi. Every bungalow has one or two for rent. There is now island-wide electricity and most all of the bungalows have hooked up to the grid. Several still use generators. Air conditioning has arrived to some of the resorts. The native Koh Jum culture of fishing and rubber cultivation has not been destroyed by the lure of tourist money and the whole island has a Land That Time Forgot feel to it. But that's changing quickly. In a country known for it's friendliness, Koh Jum might be the friendliest place.



I just got back from Koh Jum and I had more fun than even my wedding night. I have pictures (of the island, not wedding night) that I want to share. Can you help me?

Sure! LIKE and post any or all of your Koh Jum snapshots on our Facebook page.  What could be easier? Or fun?



So what's in it for you, Kn. Webmaster? Why

That's an excellent question and the answers are simple. I love Koh Jum. After watching what the tsunami did to the people and the economy of KJum (the farangs who were here on T-Day took their money and fled to The Gulf, leaving the resorts of KJum without any business income) and I thought that if I could build a colorful and fun website with lots of pictures and information I could help the situation in a small way by making people aware of what a wonderful place KJum is and maybe convince a few people to come here and spend money.
Additionally, directly after the tsunami I spent a lot of time Googleing around the web trying to find information on what was happening on KJum, any information at all, without much success. As I looked thru the existing web I came to the conclusion that most of the big websites "serve" Koh Jum only as an afterthought to Phi Phi Island, Railay Beach, Koh Lanta, and Phuket and for the most part have very little actual information or pictures of Pu Island. It's all about selling ads and making money. I wanted something different.
I can say with absolute certainty that no one online has as many pictures and as much basic information about Koh Jum as this site has. In fact, I expect this site to expand somewhat in 2013/14.

I hope you enjoy what I've put together here and I hope you'll find your way to Koh Jum this winter for the best holiday of your life. It happens to people all the time.



Questions about the site? Comments? Flames? Email them to me.