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Below is a just-about-complete listing of all the resorts on Koh Jum. Several more have come to my attention and I'll add them when I get additional information and pictures. Several of the missing resorts are so small (2 or 3 huts) that I just never saw them when I was there or even knew they existed. When I know more, you'll know more.


Click the name for each resort and you'll be whisked off to that bungalows' individual page at For contact information at the bungalow or resort simply scroll down to the bottom of each page where you'll find phone numbers, email addys, and/or official websites, if any.

Click the beach name and you'll be taken to the beach page where the bungalow you might be interested in is located.





Joy Bungalows Andaman Beach
Woodland Lodge Andaman Beach
Boss Bungalow
Bo Daeng
Andaman Beach
Andaman Beach
Koh Jum Lodge Golden Pearl Beach
Season Bungalows Golden Pearl Beach
Golden Pearl Bungalows Golden Pearl Beach
Jungle Hill Beach Bungalows Ao Si Beach
Sun Smile Ao Si Beach
Ao Si Bungalows Ao Si Beach
Old Lamp Bungalows Ting Rai Beach

Peace Paradise Resort North Beach
Ko Pu Valley North Beach
Luboa Hut North Beach
Bonhomie Beach Cottage North Beach





Some Unsolicited Advice




I've done everything I can to assure the information here is accurate and up-to-date, but things happen which are out of my control that might cause you some headaches when you try to book a room on Koh Jum. Some of the resorts have online booking, but most don't. All of the bungalow operations have cell phones, but the numbers sometimes change. Phones get disconnected. Bad connections are probably going to happen and your message isn't going to get thru to the right people on the first try. English is not the first language for Koh Jumbians and that can be a difficult hurdle to get over when you're trying to make reservations.

Don't get frustrated. Keep trying. After all, this is Thailand we're talking about and it's good to remember that Koh Jum isn't Phuket, and for that we should be grateful even if it's a little harder to get what we're after.


Online booking is probably going to be the easiest, but keep in mind that you're going to pay a little more for your room than you would if you walked up and bargained for it at the resort.  Assume the booker is going to have the temerity to actually try to make a profit from his services. Deal with it. The extra money you spend is worth the cost because you won't be making two or three long distance phone calls from Europe or wherever and the internet is free. Always ask for a confirmation letter via email. Print out a copy and bring it with you. It's good practice to re-confirm a couple weeks before you show up, so keep the bookers email handy. When you get ready to leave Krabi/PhiPhi/KLanta and head out to Koh Jum slip into a travel agency and pay them to call ahead to remind the resort that you are going to be on the next boat. That one act will save you a ton of headaches.


If you're like me and travel with no fixed schedule or timetable, then making reservations months in advance is a waste. My advice is that when you get to Krabi, KLanta or PhiPhi just walk into any travel agent and ask them about what's available on Koh Jum. All of them will have current information about the resorts and will call the island and you can book a place right then by phone. If you're concerned that you're paying a little more per night that way then book one night only and go to the island and see what else is available. The upside is that you'll have a place for the night and won't be sleeping on the beach, but the downside is that in high season you might not find anything else you like and when your one night is up they'll ask you to surrender the room to someone else who has already made a reservation. I have seen that happen a couple times much to the dismay of the farangs trying foolishly to save a few baht. If you're only going to stay a few days anyway, what's the point?


If you really like KJum (and I'm betting you will) then you can make arrangements with the resort or another place to stay longtime. That's how I did it the first time I went to Koh Jum. I went, I saw, I liked, then bargained for a cheaper rate and got it.


Or you can just show up, look around at a few resorts that are in your price range and hope for the best. Keep in mind that the resorts need to know you're coming so they can send the longtails out to meet the ferryboat, but in high season they go out anyway. There are always people coming and going so you probably won't have to ride the boat all the way to Krabi or KLanta.

Or you could just leap off the ferryboat with your backpack and swim in. I haven't seen that one yet, but I would pay to watch it.