Thanks for visiting Koh Jum Online. It's always nice to see you !!

Thanks to all our good friends who visited KJO over the past few years We're coming up on 400,000 total pageviews for the site and in the 9 year of this site's existence more and more people are traveling to the Island in the winter.  Lots of people have discovered the magic of Koh Jum thru this website. I'm happy I could help.

So for the first time I'm asking for donations to help maintain the site. I'm not asking the moon and stars. If you find this site helpful and informative, and you find your experience here a positive one. If we done good then why not buy us a beer.

You'll also notice that I don't accept outside advertising on this site, never have and hopefully never will. Google ads and such-like clutter things up and slow things down as they load. And, I hate ads. But for a lot of sites they do pay the bills. I fund this site out-of-pocket. Up until now it's been inexpensive to do that. OK I have probably spent $10,000 in travel expanses to Jum over the years but I consider that money well spent to keep the site updated.

But now things are a bit different. My web host has changed their rate structure and are now charging me a LOT more for webspace. It's a big increase.



  At home you'll buy your mates a beer at the pub without thinking about it. You'll spend Bt900 or Bt1000 on a bungalow per night and feel that's a good price. You spend Bt1000 just to get to the Island. A meal on the streets of Krabi will cost you a hundred Baht. If you feel the information on this site helped you, if you've learned anything about Koh Jum from this site, if after visiting here you decide to travel to Koh Jum where it will CHANGE YOUR LIFE then how about pitching Bt100 my way in the form of a virtual beer to help defray the costs. That's about $3US, cheap. It's not so much and every little bit helps me out and helps keep this site free.

I've never asked for money before. I could use your help now. Thank you.

The link to my PayPal account is below. 



One beer. Just one. Bt100