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  Anders (Sweden) had hiked to the top of Mt. Pu with some friends on the morning of December 26, 2004 and was there to witness the waves coming ashore. He had his digital camera with him and took these awesome (and sobering) pictures of the tsunami hitting North Beach in Koh Pu.

The first picture is Anders and his family celebrating Christmas on the porch of their hut at Andaman Beach Resort. The group shot half-way down the page is a before-tsunami dinner at Koh Jum Seafood with friends.

Him and his wife Helen were staying at Andaman Beach Resort when the tsunami hit and the pictures on the second half of the page are of the damage to the bungalows. They were in the yellow/purple one and lost everything, including his laptop with a couple thousand digital pictures they had taken of their trip to Thailand. That hurts. Below that is a great shot of all the coral that got rinsed up onto shore by the waves. The beach has since been cleaned up, but you can see the mess the waves left behind.

Cheers, Anders. Thank you very much for the great pictures.

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